Wills, Probate and administration

Going through the paperwork after a bereavement is not something many people relish, and at a difficult and emotional time, do you really want your loved ones having to work out what you would have wanted to do with any assets you have?

Often, at this time, emotions are heightened, and without clear instructions as to your wishes, relatives could experience more trauma as they debate the issue of what you would have wanted.

Here at N Legal, our experienced lawyers are here to help with wills, probate and administration, whether it’s the creation of your own will, or probate issues after a loved one has passed away. We work with sensitivity and tact, carefully explaining the details and making information about this complex area of the law a little easier to digest. We offer a range of services in this area, such as:

Drawing up a will

No matter how much or how little you have to leave, leave your family and loved ones with fewer decisions to make about your estate, allowing them to grieve without any extra stress. Putting in place a will not only makes it far easier on your loved ones, it may make them feel touched you chose to remember their feelings at a time of grief. Although DIY will kits are available, much of the time a lawyer’s assistance allows you to tailor your will in a way that’s specific to what you want, and covers much more than the DIY kits do. If you have a large or complex estate, the services of a lawyer are vital to ensuring nothing is left out.

I would like to personally thank you and your staff members for successfully handling my complicated Family Law case. Your Law Firm is clearly very capable and knowledgeable in such matters of Probate and totally professional and transparent in dealing with all aspects. You advised me of costs throughout and I was received regular updates of progress. I would confidently recommend your services to anyone in need of legal representation and I will most certainly return to your firm should I ever need advice or legal assistance in the future.

Regards Paul W Bateman.

If you’re looking for advice, please call 0121 355 8885 during business hours and a solicitor specialising in Will’s, Probates and administrations can be on the phone with you in minutes.

Probate and Estate

Whether you’re looking for a valuation of an estate, or you need assistance with letters of administration (required if there’s no will) or obtaining grants of probate if a will exists, N Legal can make this complex area of the law as stress free as possible. Dealing with everything from Inland Revenue forms, probate disputes, and distribution of the assets, we offer a full service with tact, diplomacy and professionalism at all times, allowing you to fully understand the process, with direct, jargon free terms. We can also assist with arrangements to reduce the amount of inheritance tax payable, allowing the beneficiaries to take ownership of assets without having to worry about taxation matters.

Why N Legal?

N Legal’s experienced lawyers know only too well how complex this area of the law is, and we know you want a resolution that is swift, uncomplicated and correct. Whether you’re looking to draw up a will, or you’re dealing with the death of a loved one, we’ll offer you the service you deserve, at clear fixed prices with no hidden fees, and we’ll do so with the upmost care and attention to your needs.

For a will, probate or estate administration service from a lawyer that cares, why not contact N Legal today?

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