Tenancy Issues

As a landlord, you know that you have many, many responsibilities to your tenants – some of which are likely to land you in more than just hot water if not taken seriously enough, or not dealt with in good time.

That said, it’s also very important to know that your tenants have responsibilities towards you and your property, too – and that it’s not just your tenants who have rights – you have rights, too. You need a high quality, efficient and highly experienced solicitor, equipped with the expertise and knowledge of what can be a complex area, to be on your side right from the start. That’s where our exceptional team at N Legal come in.

If you’re looking for advice, please call 0121 355 8885 during business hours and a solicitor specialising in tenancy problems can be on the phone with you in minutes.

Being a landlord isn’t always easy

Now, more than ever, many of us are taking the opportunity to make an income from property – our investment looks sure to appreciate and it’s giving us a healthy return from the outset. But unless it’s done properly, and any tenant disputes are taken care of, it can be far from the win/win situation you’re hoping for – and mistakes or omissions can be extremely expensive. Those tenant disputes can arise from anything from minor complaints such as a persistently leaking tap – all the way up to issues with gas, electrical and fire safety, which could be potential life-threatening…

How N Legal can help

Our client focussed team of caring professionals, each hand picked for their vast wealth of knowledge and experience, are here to help, guide, support and represent you whether you have an impressive property portfolio, a couple of HMO student lets in a university town, or you just astutely kept hold of your old flat. Whatever the tenancy issue or dispute, you can rest assured that N Legal – recommended in the Good Lawyer Guide – are here to support you, with any of the following issues:

  • Issues around giving notice to a tenant and obtaining possession
  • Tenants with rent arrears or a tenant’s refusal to pay
  • Arrears recovery
  • Proposed rent increases and disputes around them
  • Tenants in breach of contract
  • Damage to, or neglect the property, including the garden, by tenants
  • Efficient eviction of tenants
  • Property requiring attention and concerns regarding how to facilitate this around the occupants
  • Tenant complaints about the property or repairs and maintenance required – who is responsible?
  • Tenant complaints about neighbouring tenants
  • Neighbours’ complaints about your tenants
  • Dealing with Local Authority Regulations
  • Should your property be local authority licensed or registered?
  • Disputes about your legal obligations such as fire, electrical and gas safety
  • Disputes regarding the return of the deposit at the end of the tenancy

As you can see, being a landlord can be something of a minefield – and this list is by no means exhaustive – so it’s imperative that you have the right support and representation to protect your investment, your livelihood and your reputation. But more than that – here at N Legal, we aim to do so quickly and at reasonable cost. Be assured we are the team to have in your corner, so call us today – and tomorrow you may be glad you did.

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