Lasting Power Of Attorney

It’s never a nice thought, but eventually we’re all going to grow old, and with getting older almost always comes the eventual need for some sort of medical care. However, will you be able to make the right decisions if your mind is not quite so switched on as it is now? Would you be able to make choices – perhaps vitally important ones – if you were suffering either mental or physical incapacity?

Sadly, it’s essential that we think about these questions, and who we would like to help us if a time were to come when we were unable to decide on a solution for medical or financial needs.

Having chosen a trusted friend or loved one to take care of these important matters, it’s not enough for you to just tell them what you want to happen. Putting everything in writing will make it much easier for them to fill in paperwork relating to your medical or financial matters and lasting power of attorney is the legal route to take in this case. However, completing the documents needed requires the help of a qualified lawyer – one that will take you through the myriad of questions you may not have thought of, and will help you to complete the legal formalities. Here at N Legal we can do all that – with a totally personal and confidential service that puts your needs first.

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Who needs a Lasting Power of Attorney?

In short -everyone. No one knows what will happen tomorrow, next week or next year, and though it’s an awful thought, would your family know what to do if you were to be suddenly struck down with an illness, or if you were involved in an accident? Knowing you are covered for every eventuality will allow you to live your life in the now, rather than worry about the future.
Whatever you do, don’t leave it to fate – when it comes to your future decisions, the time to act is right now. The experts at N Legal have the ability to seamlessly arrange your lasting power of attorney quickly and without fuss, leaving you a plan in place for unforeseen eventualities, and letting you live your life in full without worry. If something does happen, however, you know you’ll be in the best hands – the hands of your loved ones.

Benefits of a Lasting Power of Attorney

The benefits of using N Legal to help with this often-difficult task are many. For your family and loved ones, the benefits will be that they know your wishes and will have the power to make decision that they know you would be happy with, giving them peace of mind at emotional and difficult times. Having a lasting power of attorney in place makes it much easier for them to assert their authority when it comes to fighting your corner when it comes to medical matters, and to fill in often complicated paperwork if, for example, funding was needed for further care.

The benefits for you are vast. You do not have to choose just one person to make the decisions for you, so you could spread the decision making between your children, your closest friends, or even your grandchildren. Whoever you’re closest to, and who knows your wishes when it comes to the future can be given lasting power of attorney over your affairs, making it much more likely that the money will be used wisely, and the medical decisions you wanted to make will be made if you were lacking in capacity (either mental or physical).

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