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Here at N Legal our legal team have the quality, expertise and experience to do the very best for YOU as efficiently and painlessly as humanly possible, from first advice to decree absolute and beyond. Divorce can often be a painful and stressful time, but we will do our level best to avoid that for you, every single step of the way.

  • Divorce and separation
  • Ensuring a fair financial settlement
  • Arranging for you to see your children after you split
  • Legal arrangements before you marry or live together
  • We are accreditted by the Solicitors Regulation Authority so you are in the right hands.

If you’re looking for advice, please call 0121 355 8885 during business hours and a solicitor specialising in divorce law can be on the phone with you in minutes.

Karen Edwards, Family & Divorce Solicitor

Karen is a divorce and family solicitor with N Legal based in Sutton Coldfield, near Birmingham. With over 30 years of experience in all aspects of family law and children matters including a recent divorce with jurisdiction issues and complex offshore investigation of hidden assets. Karen is well thought by all clients and other professionals in providing practical advice especially in very difficult and complex cases.


No one wants to get divorced, of course they don’t. However, it’s a sad fact of life that sometimes, having tried to work things through and explore every other avenue, it’s the only option available to move forward.

Another equally sad fact of life is that, however amicable you hope to keep proceedings, however mutual the decision or irreconcilable the differences, once children, property, finances and even beloved pets are involved, the gloves can be off – so you need a dedicated and expert divorce specialist to be in YOUR corner, protecting YOUR interests.

Is Your Partner Hiding Their Assets?

Proving what assets exist can sometimes cause huge issues in making sure you get a fair agreement in divorce, it’s often found that those that are good at making money, are also very savvy at hiding it. Whether it’s in off shore companies, foreign bank accounts or company assets, we will find them. We are working with a team of great investigators, that not only are able to meticulously investigate assets within the UK, but specialise in looking at off shore matters, and we’re very confident that no matter the situation, we’ll provide you with the best chance of making sure you get what you deserve.

Use our divorce experts to make sure you have a fair share of joint assets… Can you afford not to?

How N Legal can help

Once we’ve advised you as to the best options, we are then firmly on YOUR side throughout the entire process:

The petition is the document making the initial request for a divorce. Obviously, the party instigating proceedings needs to meet one of the acceptable legal grounds for a divorce – adultery; unreasonable behaviour (including violence, verbal abuse or threatening behaviour; drunkenness or taking drugs; not contributing financially (without good reason); desertion (for over two years); being separated for over two years (with both parties in agreement); living apart for over five years (no consent necessary). This goes to the court and to the partner.

Arrangements for Children
Where there are any children, you must agree arrangements as to how they are going to be cared for – for example, shared custody, visits or responsibilities. The divorce can not and will not progress until both parties and the court are satisfied with the agreement – and if no agreement can be reached, then the court will have to be involved.

Decree Nisi
Nisi means ‘unless’, so once all the documentation is complete and in order, the judge will grant this. Therefore, ‘unless’ further issues or disagreements – or even changes of mind – occur the final divorce should now simply be a formality.

Decree Absolute
‘Absolute’ means final and your divorced is now complete and finalised, so, according to law, you are no longer a married couple. In order to ensure that this is definitely what each party wants, there’s an obligatory six weeks plus one day wait between decree nisi and decree absolute, much like a cooling off period.

Financial matters
At this point, financial issues are agreed – and a ‘consent order’ can be made, but failing that, the court will decide upon financial matters. The resultant wrangling can continue after the Decree Absolute.

At such a stressful time, you need the right team behind you – at N Legal we have that team. Divorce isn’t something to leave to chance or muddle through. Call the specialists to help you take the first step towards your future, whilst also safeguarding your past.

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