Care Home Fee Advice

What you should know about care home fee’s

As you may have recently discovered, the care home system is complex and can often throw confusion to those who are either living in a care home, or have a carer visit your home to help. There are a range of funding options available to help cover the costs of care fee’s, from the NHS to local authorities, as well as other methods such as benefits, disability living allowance and the new Personal Independence Payment.

Unfortunately, due to this complex nature, there are many people out there who are personally paying for healthcare, when in fact, they would be covered by the NHS. Fully funded NHS healthcare is available to anyone over the age of 18, who is being cared for outside of the hospital and whose main need, is focused on health.

Local Authority Funding and State Benefits

For those that arn’t eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare, there still may be other ways that we can help you to access funding. You should consider the following:

    • If you have capital assets of less than £23,250, it may be possible for your Local Authority to assist with fees
    • In some cases, some people are forced into selling their home, but you may be able to enter into a ‘deferred payment’ scheme, where the fees don’t need to be paid during your lifetime

Where one of a couple has to go into a home, your remaining partner needs to be provided for financially

You should also:

  • Check whether you’re entitled to certain welfare benefits from the DWP
  • Check the terms of the care home contract
  • Consider whether a third party needs to pay towards care costs

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